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Consumer website for break-through breast cancer technology
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Homepage redesign for flexible robotic surgery system
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Psoriasis treatment marketing email
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Tradeshow booth redesign
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ADHD Summer days brochure design
digital flyer
Print and digital flyer
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ADHD dosing and treatment brochure design
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Retractable banner design
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Product CVA native IOS app design and development
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Breast cancer software training portal design
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Product packaging design with custom iconography
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Native IOS app design and development for product showcasing.
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E-commerce website design and development
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Flyer design with custom line art for test instructions.
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HCP landing page
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Invoice web app design and development using Vue.js
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Psoriasis phototherapy device flyer
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Product blowout and animations. Click links below to play animations.
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Medical College booklet design
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Website redesign for automated lab testing systems
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Wealth management booklet design
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Psoriasis genetic testing flyer design
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Wealth management invitation design
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ADHD dosing and treatment interactive PDF design

Welcome to my site.

My name is Sergio and I'm an Art Director.

From an early age, and now as a professional, I've always been fascinated in the process of bringing creative ideas into reality. This passion traverses various spectrums of the design world – from the traditional pencil on paper, to computer illustration and design, to website and digital design, and to 3D modeling and animation.

As a seasoned multi-disciplinary Art Director, I have developed a unique blend of creative, technical, and strategic skills that enable me to anticipate potential challenges and lead my team to overcome them with ease. Leveraging my comprehensive understanding of design, visual communication, and project management, I develop inspiring and effective proactive solutions that exceed the clients' goals and expectations.

I thrive in steering my art team in creating beautiful, powerful and immersive experiences, bringing stories to life.

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Passion graphic

My current position

Art Director and Front End Developer

Marketing Edge Group - North Brunswick, NJ

Conceptualize strategic initiatives based on client’s direction and needs

Produce initial sprints, including visual concepts of project direction

Collaborate and effectively use team’s various talents

Provide feedback and directional communication to creative team

Perform advanced photo retouching and manipulation

Produce various marketing materials for print, digital, and web

Animate videos intended for social media campaigns

Design and develop websites based on client’s needs

Conceptualize and develop web based applications

Update and maintain client websites as needed

Design native IOS applications showcasing client’s products

Finalize and prepare art for print or intended medium

Perform quality assurance audits on web, print and multimedia projects

Manage project status both with internal team and with clients

Expand professional development by studying latest design trends

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Professional Skills

Basic Software

Mac OS



Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook / Mac Mail

Microsoft Teams / Slack

Wrike / Asana

MailChimp / HubSpot

Design Software & Tools


Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

Cinema 4D

Good Ol' Pencil & Paper

Wacom Drawing Tablets

Development Technologies


Tailwind / Bootstrap

Javascript / jQuery

Vue JS / React JS

Xcode / Swift

PHP / Laravel / Slim


Expression Engine

MYSQL Database

BitBucket / GitHub